How To Stop Period Pain Immediately

How To Stop Period Pain Immediately

What are periods?

This is a natural biological process where blood and tissue break down and come out from the uterus and flow toward the vagina.

This happens once every month. The reason for menstruation in girls is the body’s way of making itself for a possible pregnancy. The ovaries release estrogen and progesterone hormones responsible for periods and pregnancy. These female hormones signal the building up of the uterine lining, also called the endometrium, that nurtures a fertilized egg and creates signals of a fake pregnancy. Still, it breaks down if no fertilization occurs and all the eggs rupture.

You can know how this process occurs by learning this section,

The same hormones, progesterone or estrogen, signal the release of an egg from one of the ovaries(1 pair that is 2 in number) during ovulation. This egg travels through the fallopian tube, attaches to the uterine lining( endometrium), and prepares the body for fertilization. Without a sperm cell(released from the male sex organ) to fertilize the egg, the endometrium lining breaks down and is shed from the vagina through a period.

This process takes around 28 days to prepare itself, break down, and eventually get shed off. Most women experience a period cycle of anywhere between 21 to 35 days due to hormonal imbalance.

Best Painkiller for Girls in Periods

Puberty is a stage where most girls feel many physical and hormonal changes that directly impact their lives. The most common but life-changing is menstruation. That is the phase where a girl child undergoes many physical, hormonal, and emotional changes. This generally happens between the ages of 11 to 15.

Puberty is a stage where many changes like body shape, language, emotions, and many more changes occur. Every parent should teach their child about all the changes very frankly so that no child can face problems with what is precisely happening in their body and not get distracted from their motive.

We all say that our child is not doing according to our will but moreover, instead of saying this, make them learn about the changes and talk to them about everything in a relaxed way.

Women are among the best and essential creatures of god. And this capability of reproduction and creating new life is only given to women. And this is not a sudden process; it is a very long-term process that only starts at 12. Now let’s learn about them, what the changes are and what is menstruation/periods.

What is the menstruation cycle?

The duration of 28 days that is from your period to the next cycle is called a period cycle. For example, your period started on the 12th of January, and you get your next period on the 10th of February, so the duration between the 12th of January to the 10th of February is your menstrual cycle.

  1. Let us comprehensively explain this phenomenon to know 28 days; moreover, your endometrium lining thickens up and begins to flow as your period. And the first day of your period is considered the first day of your natural cycle.
  2. The average period is 2 to 7 days, and at this time, the endometrium lining is shed and starts to discharge through your vagina. After the duration of your periods is over, the endometrium lining starts to thicken again to prepare the body for your next cycle or, you can say, for a potential pregnancy.
  3. It is noticed that around the 14th day, the ovaries release an egg according to the process of ovulation, which quickly makes its way to the uterus so that the eggs can get settled in the uterine lining.
  4. And during this period, if the eggs are not fertilized, the lining of the uterus breaks down and releases the red fluid called blood to start periods again.
  5. The cycle repeats itself every month from puberty to till the age of 50. That is, at 50, you get your menopause, which means your menstruation cycle or periods get stopped.
  6. It is widespread that when you start getting your periods, your menstrual cycle can be very irregular for around a couple of years. This is because your body is finding its natural rhythm, and it’s normal, so don’t panic. Once your body finds its way, everything will be settled, and you will start getting your periods on time every month.

What are the premenstrual signs?

Almost all of us experience some signals before the start of periods. But other signs can signal the arrival of your period. At the same time, you will also notice the mucus-like vaginal discharge, which can be clear, white, or even slightly cloudy and yellowish, or you will find the growth of hair in your pubic area. These are both signs that your very first period is on its way. You may experience acne or pimples. You may experience abdominal cramps and pain for many reasons. You may have a headache or heaviness. Mild fever. Heaviness in legs.

How to get rid of cramps?

Here are some of the ways by which you can quickly get rid of cramps and field free and relaxed; some of them are-

Heat- heat is one of the most simple yet elegant ways to relax as it relaxes the muscles contributing to cramping. So if you apply any hot bag or glass bottle around the areas of your abdomen or back, it will help you relieve pain. You can also take a warm bath, which will also help you from cramps; also, if you are traveling, you can put some heating patches which you can easily stick around the areas of your abdomen to feel free from cramps.

Exercise- it is impossible to do heavy exercise during pain and cramps. Still, it is noticed that physical activities are a natural pain reliever, as exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, which is nothing but just a chemical produced by the body that helps block painful nerves. Also, it is noticed that exercise is one of the most significant ways to reduce stress, so physical relaxation and you can quickly achieve peace of mind by exercising.

Also, you can do yoga, deep breathing exercise meditation to get instant relief. Massage the abdominal area with essential oils such as Rose clove, lavender, cinnamon, etc.

What to avoid?

You must avoid caffeine and salty foods as they can irritate your body and may lead to worse effects. Some foods are fatty fish, berries, and extra virgin Olive oils. Also, you should avoid food that causes water shortage, comfort, and bloating, like caffeine, alcohol, salty, and fatty foods.

Stay hydrated; this is one of the essential parts which everyone must follow in their daily life. Keeping your body hydrated has a lot of benefits and keeps you full of energy for the entire day.

Changes that occur are-

It is noticed that this time of the month is never fun-filled, and it is always inconvenient for all girls. Many changes occur during this phase, like sleep disturbance, annoying symptoms of periods, food cravings, mood changes, and usually irritation and bloating tender breasts. Among them, most of them start even before your cycle has started.

The most irritating part is the cramps; this usually occurs in 1 out of 8 women dealing with periods, and it is noticed that this time of the month is the worst time and experience of the month. It is seen that during the first day of your menstruation cycle, the level of hormones such as progesterone or estrogens is low, which causes dry and dull skin.

Most females get irritated during this time, and the craving for their favorite food is at its peak, sometimes resulting in weight gain. Here all you need to do is follow a healthy, hygienic routine and adjust your mood swings by doing your favorite task to avoid any problems.

Foods that you need to take during menstruation are;

We all know that food is a significant source of making ourselves healthy, and during periods when a lot of blood is lost from our body, we all need to take good health care and switch to a healthy diet to maintain the balance in our bodies.

Also, eating a healthy diet is a way of relieving yourself from pain. The most effective source of cramps is Vitamin B1, also called thiamin and magnesium, and that food gives iron is best in relieving pain and keeping your body energetic. Some of the Vitamin B1-rich foods and magnesium foods include;

  • Whole grains,
  • Spinach,
  • Nuts,
  •  Avocado,
  • Oranges,
  • Cauliflower,
  • Kale,
  • Asparagus and,
  • Legumes, including beans, lentils, and chickpeas.


There are so many brands selling medicine for periods cramps, but the most trusted and effective are;

Oxycodone-  It is one of the best medicine that can be taken during savior pain. Oxycodone provides instant pain relief, and it is very beneficial during mensuration. This medicine binds the pain receptors in the CNS and gives instant and long-term relief. You can take Oxycodone by asking your gynecologist.

Ambien- All of us know the level of discomfort periods cause, directly impacting our sleep. Almost all of us suffer from that sleepless night, so to get rid of this problem, you can take Ambien and get better sleep.

This is complete information about periods; one should never feel ashamed to talk about periods. Also, if in your family any of the younger ones are getting periods, help them know about this situation and tell them all the safe sides.

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